sábado, 21 de junho de 2008

The Big One...

Tonight I feel like writing in English... So for those who don't understand I already apologize.
Para quem nao entendeu nada ate agora porque esta em Ingles, ja peco desculpas mas hoje estou afim e vai ser assim.
I had a wonderful time during my stay in Brazil. I say it again: "There's no place like home".
I had amazing moments with family, friends and specially with my boyfriend. We took a weekend trip to Campos do Jordao, SP, and it couldn't be more romantic.
Unfortunately we had to talk about things that happened to us while we were apart but if at some point the trip was bad, on the other hand we could realize that we love each other and will be together forever. I know forever is too much and that Cassia Eller sang the "Forever always ends" but we both feel like this.
It's something meant to be. I believe in Spirit ism and maybe we're both on the same path for some kind of reason.
Anyway... It's not hard to figure out what kind of talk we had. I know people like making judgments over other people's lives and besides that, it's very personal so I won't talk about since we both made mistakes.
I know this is my space, the place where I should talk about anything I wanted, but I'm sure other bloggers feel the same way I do.
I bet all of you had something, someday, you wanted to scream to the World but didn't for some reason.
Well... this post could be perfect but it won't. Yesterday I crashed my host family's car when was driving back home at night.
I felt really bad. When it happened I didn't know what to do 'cuz I hit a car that was parked. My evil side told me to go away but God saved me! While I was parked in the street thinking about what to do the police came!
Yeah, you must think that it could be bad, but the officer could notice I wasn't drunk and told me that it was really good that I stopped.
It's obvious someone called and told what happened and where I was but he told that if I had ran away they would find me at some road and then "yes, you would be in big trouble".
Now the au pairs say: "That's ok... you only have to pay 250 doletas".
I didn't say before but my family paid an extra US$ 300 course for me and also my tickets to Brazil. This morning my host father came to me and said that they took extremely care of me and other things that I don't remember. In other words that he was disappointed that I talked about paying only the 250. I was nervous and crying so I said that I could pay more. Now I don't about how much more we were talking about.
We still have to talk about it, but tonight everything is pretty hectic here and I don't know when we'll have this talk...
I'm feeling really bad and this post was the only way I found to talk about it. I completely understand if no one reads it.
I wonder if this happened because I'm on my inferno astral (mode lazy to look @ the dictionary on)...

PS: I don't know if the subject of my "talk" knows about it (I think she knows ???), but the hate is gone and actually feel happy that she's happy now.

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Au pair ativar!! disse...

Nossa que barra, te desejo toda a sorte e que seu host esqueça esse negócio do carro aí...

Viviane disse...

Ou querida, fiquei triste ao ler seu post!

Espero que tenhas melhorado.