quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009


Do you know those days when you wake up and you think you'll have a great day, and then it turns into one of those days you wish you hadn't left the bed???
I'm feeling like this today.
In the end of the afternoon I got a call from a unknown number asking me if I wanted to have a job interview...
You must think that is a good thing... well, the thing is that I wasn't look for the position they offered.
It was a receptionist job, a bilingual receptionist... I don't underestimate any kind of job, but that made me realize our country really sucks...
I spent one year and a half abroad, spent literally, thousands of dollars in courses, have a degree and can't even have the job I like???
I'm not looking for a huge salary...At least I don't think I am...If I have to be underpaid, I expect at least having the position I want.
I don't regret my trip, but feel sad about the country I live in.
I'm not going to the interview because I got admitted for a temporary position that will pay me a little bit more than this one and the schedule will allow me to keep looking for other jobs or maybe teach some place else.
The position: Receptionist too...
I could write in portuguese but when I feel sad thoughts come in English. Sorry 'bout any mistakes.
Wish the best luck for the girls coming back soon.
The only thing I can do is keep looking and waiting.
At least I have my wonderful boyfriend by my side and I'll be home on friday... My 1st b-day home, yay!!!
Then I'll come here to spread some news that are keeping me sane while I'm not working.

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Cori disse...

Keep your chin up, don't regret the time you spent here. That experience was unique and no matter what happens in yout life, you'll always carry on your mind and heart magics moments you lived here.
I wish I could help you with the job part, but the only thing I can do is wish you all the luck in the world!


Ludmila (lud) disse...

oi prima :)
é uma situação chata, mas é preciso ter o pensamento positivo, sempre!!
acredito que essa maré vai passar e tudo ficará bem.
não sei se é sua praia, mas aqui em goiânia vai ter concurso para todos os níveis, inclusive superior... é só ficar atenta!
o apê aqui de goiânia está à disposição caso vc precise!

Ludmila Esteves.